Mindfulness and Heartfulness

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Discover the peace and freedom that comes from connecting to your moment-to-moment experience, with an open heart. In this six week course you’ll learn tools that will help you to expand your awareness and listen to your inner wisdom. We’ll be exploring different meditation techniques and some gentle mindful movement, discovering more about ourselves and sharing our experiences together in a warm, caring environment. I’ll also provide guided meditations to support your practice at home. This course is good for absolute beginners as well as those who have had some meditation experience. 

To book email mimicoop@gmail.com 


“Mimi’s classes are light, informal and encouraging. Each unit was beautifully presented, direct and to the point. Thank you Mimi for teaching me these valuable tools.” - Leigh Ogilvie

“Mimi’s course was life changing, and left me with the ability to gain some valuable perspectives where they are most needed.” - Ami Kapilivitch

6 Zoom sessions

Session 1: Opening 
Session 2: Inhabiting
Session 3: Allowing
Session 4: Love
Session 5: Care
Session 6: Balance