I believe that everyone can find a way to meditate that works for them. Make time for regular meditation, and you’ll notice a feeling of bliss and wellbeing come into your life. Meditation lowers stress and improves your relationships. And there are a host of other scientifically verified health benefits ranging from boosting your immune system to improving sleep. In fact, neuroscientists have discovered that long-term meditation can actually physically alter the structure of your brain, rewiring your mind. 

Learn to meditate in Cape Town


Mimi Cooper

Hello! I’ve been meditating for 12 years and it’s been the most incredible journey. I work in the advertising industry and I’m a mother, which can be a pretty stressful combination at times. But I’ve been lucky enough to see the effect that regular meditation has had on me. Meditation isn’t some kind of magic pill, that will change your life. But regular and committed practice can change the way that you feel about your life.


 I’m passionate about making meditation accessible to everyone and helping people discover how this ancient art can fit into their modern life. After completing the Veda Center’s Meditation Teacher Training course, I'm qualified to lead meditation classes and teach a number of basic techniques. I’m so excited to help you start your meditation journey. 


Perfect for lock-down. I can do remote one-on-one sessions with you at a time that suits you. I'm also happy to include your partner, housemate or child over 16. Use this time wisely and learn a skill that can change your life. I recommend 4 weekly sessions where you can learn 4 different meditation techniques. Audio clips are included so you can continue to practice at home. 


A meditation program in the workplace can foster a far more collaborative, emotionally intelligent and positive environment. And it reduces stress, which results in lower absenteeism and higher productivity rates. In fact, meditation is an employee perk that also benefits the business – otherwise known as a no-brainer. Get in touch with me and we can create a program that’s perfect for your company. 


In this course you’ll learn about the four different categories of meditation and each week, we’ll focus on one basic meditation technique from each category. This course is great for beginners to experience different types of meditation and get a feel for what type of meditation is a good fit for them. 


What you’ll get:

4 x 1 hour classes

4 meditation audio clips to practice with anytime

FREE checking session on any technique

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