Learn the ancient art of calming your mind and opening your heart. Find out more about my small group mindfulness courses in person and online. 


mindfulness and heartfulness


Step into your inner space
Pause and listen

When the distractions pass
You might recognise the silence
That stillness that nurtures your spark

A quiet aliveness
Holy and wild
Our true home

The quiet inside 

About me

Mimi Cooper

The thing is, it’s not really about me. It’s about you, and deep down it’s actually about us. My intention is to empower you to realise your own inner wisdom, strength and compassion. Through coming to know your authentic self, you learn to see the good in others and recognise the deep interconnection that we have with each other. Through community and relationship, we can cultivate a sense of belonging, bringing to life the spirit of Ubuntu – I am, because we are.

For almost 20 years, I worked in the advertising industry, telling stories about how products can bring fulfilment. Now I’m following my heart, as I turn my attention to encouraging people to find inner fulfilment. I’ve found that the meditation practices that I teach, have brought great joy, peace and balance into my life and I’m so grateful to be able to share them. But more than increased feelings of wellbeing, I’ve  discovered that mindfulness extends way beyond my sitting practice. I’ve found a way to be with my entire lived experience that brings meaning and authenticity to my life.



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After enjoying the benefits of meditation for many years, I completed a Meditation Teacher’s Training course from the Veda Centre in 2018. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach people in many different environments, from corporate work settings to small private courses, from one day retreats to one-on-one sessions, in person and online. I’m passionate about making meditation accessible to everyone and helping people discover how this ancient art can fit into their modern life.

I also love learning, and this year I am doing an Honours degree in Psychology as well as completing a 2-year Mindfulness Teachers Training Certification program. I’m committed to keep developing my skills and improving my knowledge, so I can serve you better.


Perfect for lock-down. I can do remote one-on-one sessions with you at a time that suits you. I'm also happy to include your partner, housemate or child over 16. Use this time wisely and learn a skill that can change your life. I recommend 4 weekly sessions where you can learn 4 different meditation techniques. Audio clips are included so you can continue to practice at home. 


A meditation program in the workplace can foster a far more collaborative, emotionally intelligent and positive environment. And it reduces stress, which results in lower absenteeism and higher productivity rates. In fact, meditation is an employee perk that also benefits the business – otherwise known as a no-brainer. Get in touch with me and we can create a program that’s perfect for your company. 


In this course you’ll learn about the four different categories of meditation and each week, we’ll focus on one basic meditation technique from each category. This course is great for beginners to experience different types of meditation and get a feel for what type of meditation is a good fit for them. 


What you’ll get:

4 x 1 hour classes

4 meditation audio clips to practice with anytime

FREE checking session on any technique

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